Engage more often

Engage more with your clients … it’s your call

How often do you hear that you need to engage more with your clients?

Be nice to have a dollar for each time you did. Be even nicer, better for your business, if you could actually engage more often. And a bit more easily, too.

But you know the story, finding time is tough. Your business is already demanding your attention, always. Then there’s the family, the kids, the gym …

It’s a wonder you have any time free at all, let alone for extra engaging with your business network.

Still, you know the importance, the very real value, of making that extra contact. Of checking in, even if just for a quick g’day, with your clients.

A phone call goes a long way, of course. And if you can squeeze one or two in while you’re in the car, terrific. But mobile phones have a way of adding to the busyness of the coal-face, and cutting out what might once have been a little free space.

Even if you can get in that call or two, how do you stop yourself sounding stressed or forced? Or worse, like you’re ticking the boxes?

At the risk of sounding a little old school, what about sending a personal email? Maybe even an old-fashioned letter?

Yeah, yeah, who has the time for that? And who reads their emails, let alone snail-mail letters?

You might be surprised to find it’s lots of people. You read all your own, don’t you?

Okay, people might not get right back to you straight away if you write them, they might be busy too. But rest assured, a quick personal note just touching base, even if there’s nothing much going on, will be noted. And appreciated.

It shows you value them.

Trick is, how to get out to those clients quickly and efficiently when your time’s at a premium already.

In truth, it’s not really so hard. Not much more than a quick phone call, really.

That’s provided you talk to someone who can relay your thoughts and your personality — readily and concisely — out to your network.

You need a writer. That’s what they do. Write just what you need. Quickly, properly and, importantly, professionally.

Talk to one next time you get a free minute or two. Make that minute or two. You might just be saving your business.

And you might be surprised at just what else they can help you with as well.